IT Security audit service is a review of how robust your information technology systems are to attacks or human errors.

IT security audit is basically an overall assessment of the organization’s IT security practices both physical and non-physical (software) that can potentially lead to its compromise. This includes practices like vulnerability scans to detect loopholes in the IT systems or conducting penetration tests to obtain unauthorized access to the systems etc. Finally, the reports created after completing all the necessary procedures are then submitted to the organization for further analysis.

IT Security Audit Services in Dubai UAE

Why is IT Security Audit so important for your business?

Securing IT infrastructure is critical for any organization. Organizations are slowly understanding the fact that merely installing a firewall or intrusion-detection system will not secure their systems & critical data assets from external attack. An IT security audit provides invaluable information about an organization security controls. It enables companies to stay ahead of insider threats, security breaches, & various other cyberattacks that may put the company’s security, reputation, and finances at stake.

Proxima Network’s IT Security Audit services includes:

This includes Network infrastructure functionality, serviceability, availability, and manageability audit. It includes deep analysis of the core network functions related to core network tasks of accurate, reliable, and performant traffic forwarding.

This includes inventory review, physical review, logical or configuration review, IP address schema design and identifying single point of failure.

Analyzes and recommends improvements in the area of inventory management, finds unknown devices, identifies missing devices.

This includes examining and recommending improvements in the area of network lifecycle management related to individual network elements; discovers EOS and EOL devices and software, legacy management protocols, etc.

This audit comprises attack resistance and traffic security services (i.e., anti-interception, secure routing etc.) verification. This audit component also has multiple solution modules, which can be combined in a custom service package.

This audit involves an active analysis of the applications or software for any weaknesses, technical flaws, or vulnerabilities. Running an application security audit regularly allows companies to protect applications or software from any potential threats and be prepared with a backup if anything were to happen.

System vulnerability assessment is a systematic review of security weaknesses in an information system. It evaluates if the system is prone to any known vulnerabilities, assigns severity levels to those vulnerabilities, and proposes remediation or mitigation, if and whenever needed. The information security team allow detecting vulnerabilities and finding weak points in the components of the IT environment like IT infrastructure, applications.

As more and more organizations migrate sensitive information and services to the cloud, it is essential for organizations to consider how the cloud will impact their privacy, security, and compliance efforts. Cloud Security Audit services offer important insight into your cloud security for complete regulatory compliance.

Benefits of IT Security Audit Services:

  • Identifies vulnerable points and problem areas
  • Determines whether the security policies and standards must be altered or not
  • Recommends how to leverage IT in your business security
  • Provides an in-depth analysis of both internal and external IT practices and system
  • Helps in planning new security policies for the organization
  • Prepares the organization for emergency response in case of a cybersecurity violation
  • Ensuring data / Information integrity & Classification
  • Preventing/detecting unauthorized changes
  • Reducing the risks of data tampering, data loss or leakage
  • Assessing the ability of the firm to safeguard its information assets
  • Understanding the crucial technology risks of the organization
  • IT Risk Management

IT Security Audit Services for your specific needs

Proxima Networks specializes in IT security audit services offering best in class IT audit solutions to our clients in Dubai and across the UAE. Our IT auditing solutions will provide you with support from certified IT professionals who will conduct survey of all the vulnerabilities. They will look into your systems and networks to ensure that any brute force has least chance to get into your virtual devices or data.

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