IT Security audit service is a review of how robust your information technology systems are to attacks or human errors.

IT security audit is basically an overall assessment of the organization’s IT security practices both physical and non-physical (software) that can potentially lead to its compromise. This includes practices like vulnerability scans to detect loopholes in the IT systems or conducting penetration tests to obtain unauthorized access to the systems etc. Finally, the reports created after completing all the necessary procedures are then submitted to the organization for further analysis.

IT Security Audit Services in Dubai UAE

Why is IT Security Audit so important for your business?

Securing IT infrastructure is critical for any organization. Organizations are slowly understanding the fact that merely installing a firewall or intrusion-detection system will not secure their systems & critical data assets from external attack. An IT security audit provides invaluable information about an organization security controls. It enables companies to stay ahead of insider threats, security breaches, & various other cyberattacks that may put the company’s security, reputation, and finances at stake.

Proxima Network’s IT Security Audit services includes:

Unlimited remote support via 24x7x365 Network Operations Center.

Easily monitor and track workstations across multiple locations. Connect to any workstation rapidly and fix issues without disturbing users. Open the system controls in the background to identify issues, kill processes, and more.

Automatically synchronize tickets, alerts, and devices with RMM tool.

Proactive endpoint maintenance & management (Windows, Mac, Servers etc.)

Configure automatic patching and updates. Test patches, roll back implemented ones, monitor system health statuses, and more.

Managed antivirus and malware protection.

Remotely deploy applications to client computers via remote monitoring and management tool.

Timely backup and data recovery

Seamlessly supports a heterogeneous, multivendor desktop and mobile environment.

Manages a lifecycle of services from planning and procurement through support and disposal.

Easily manage remote access without any Active directory dependency

Benefits of Remote Desktop Management services:

  • Improved security levels: Limits risk by understanding of evolving threats and attack before they occur
  • Task automation: Automate most of the regular tasks such as Patch Management, Application Deployment, Upgrading the Applications and OS-e’s to the latest service pack, etc.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO): Control the direct and indirect costs associated with the desktop and mobile environments reducing TCO and maximizing return on your IT assets.
  • Increased productivity: Enhance employee satisfaction and productivity through improved IT
  • Business agility support: Align IT with business requirements by implementing technology and support consistent with employee and enterprise requirements.
  • Improved control: Obtain better understanding and control over the IT environment and enable rollout of new programs or technology.
  • Reduced complexity: Standardize hardware, software, and configurations across the distributed-client computing environment to substantially reduce operational complexity and improve levels of service.

IT Security Audit Services for your specific needs

Proxima Networks specializes in IT security audit services offering best in class IT audit solutions to our clients in Dubai and across the UAE. Our IT auditing solutions will provide you with support from certified IT professionals who will conduct survey of all the vulnerabilities. They will look into your systems and networks to ensure that any brute force has least chance to get into your virtual devices or data.

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