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IT Managed Services (Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Improve business productivity, enhance end-user productivity, and reduce their IT infrastructure cost with Managed IT Services.

Our Managed IT Services offer:

Reduced TCO, increased business value, improved ROI

Predictable costs and scalable spending (OPEX)

Better Alignment

24/7/365 days proactive monitoring, maintenance & support

Cut downtime costs

Infrastructure Upgrade

Let us manage your Day to Day IT mundane infrastructure management so you can focus on looking after your business. We will be your extended IT.

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    Need for Managed IT Services

    In today’s business world, every organization use information technologies to perform business activities and to improve its operations. These ongoing IT tasks need to be managed on a regular and proactive basis.

    Managed IT services allow businesses to delegate their IT operations to managed service providers (MSPs), that specializes in handling these tasks either entirely or sections of a business’ IT systems, as agreed upon in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

    Managed services help organizations in managing their IT system requirements on a regular basis to improve users’ IT operations. MSPs provide IT expertise and support to an organizations infrastructure and user systems, often remotely.

    What is a Managed IT Service

    We are an accomplished Managed Service Provider (MSP) company in Dubai, UAE, delivering Managed IT Services and Support remotely or onsite for clients’ data center, campus, branch or workspace infrastructure and helpdesks. We partner with best of the breed, who are leaders in the Gartner magic quadrant to offer effective IT Managed Services and Support. We have expertise in working closely with a wide range of clients from different industry verticals in Dubai and across UAE. We look after your Day to Day IT mundane infrastructure management so you can focus on looking after your business.

    What is Proxima Manage?

    Proxima Manage is a Managed IT Service offering from Proxima Networks that includes Managed IT Infrastructure and Remote Desktop Management services. The key component for Proxima Manage is our field engineers that are dedicated for managed service customers. They are ready and waiting to work side by side our NOC engineers for events that cannot be solved remotely. In addition, they also have a list of Proactive tasks they are scheduled to undertake for all our Proxima Manage customers. In addition to all the above, the service included a comprehensive monthly IT infrastructure health check for complete peace of mind.

    Proxima Manage is sold for a fix monthly cost and is priced based on your unique environment meaning you only pay for what you need.

    What’s included in Proxima Manage?

    The IT Managed Services from Proxima Networks include:

    What can we manage?

    • Networks

    • Database

    • Application

    • Storage Systems

    • Compute Systems

    • Cloud & SaaS Environment

    • Virtualization Platforms

    • Server OS

    • Patch Management

    • Endpoint Security

    • Remote Control

    • OS Imaging & Deployment

    • Modern Management

    • Mobile Device Management

    • IT Asset Management

    • Configurations

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When comparing managed IT services vs. break/fix IT AMC, the main difference is Managed IT Service is “proactive” whereas Break/fix IT AMC is “reactive”. Break/fix IT companies provide traditional IT services: you break your technology, they come and fix it for you. Managed IT services proactively prevent ~99% of breakage and cyberattacks by proactively monitoring & keeping your systems up to date and secure around the clock.

    Managed Services applies to all businesses looking for IT support. From startups to multinational companies, the Managed IT Services have become the need of the hour for almost every enterprise.

    Trying to decide between managed services vs. consulting? Professionals in both focus areas will help you determine the best business technology to support your company’s future, and both will implement that technology for you. Here’s how they differ: Though a consultant typically walks away at the end of an implementation or other engagement, a managed services provider (MSP) will support your company’s IT for years to come, developing a long-term relationship that keeps your technology working well, worry-free.

    It can vary from company to company, but typically services are priced by the hour, by the service, by the number of users serviced, by the number of devices serviced, or some combination of all of the above. Most companies will put together an annual service contract with you that bills you on a monthly basis.

    Proxima Manage is sold for a fix monthly cost and is priced based on your unique environment meaning you only pay for what you need.

    The main benefits of managed IT services are peace of mind and lower overall technology costs. Peace of mind because you know that your data is secure. The lower overall costs often surprise business leaders who don’t realize that data breaches, non-compliance, and business downtime are costly. When it comes to managed IT services, an ounce of prevention is more cost-effective than a pound of cure.

    There are several advantages of outsourcing, particularly:

    • It is more cost-effective than the in-house model.
    • The provider possesses a high level of expertise.
    • It is easy to change network options.

    Maintaining a system in-house can involve the following costs—hardware and software purchase, system maintenance, and staffing experts. Outsourcing allows a business to substitute these costs with an affordable monthly fee.

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