Quality IT support takes care of your IT resources and provides you with fast and efficient help in case of problems related to their malfunctioning.

In today’s business world, practically there is no company which does not use information technologies to perform business activities and to improve its operations. For companies specializing in some other sector and not in information technologies, their IT resources – network, business applications and all allied services and solutions are only background to the core activities. All these resources need quality IT support to be in perfect service to the core business.

IT Support Services in Dubai UAE

Why is professional IT support important for your business?

To achieve successful business results, you need to focus all the efforts and resources on your core business. But it doesn’t mean that you can disregard care about your IT network, business applications, IT services and solutions. On contrary – they must function perfectly to be reliable support to your business operations.

To maintain your IT resources in perfect conditions and to react fast to any problems in their functioning, you must have quality and efficient IT support. If IT is not your sector, it can be quite demanding in the terms of human and financial resources.

Outsourced IT support enables focusing on the core business. Thus, the company doesn´t need to spend its own human and excessive financial resources on something which is not the focus of its business.

Types of IT support provided by Proxima Networks

This type of support means that if there is a hardware failure, the customer calls our support number or opens a ticket on our support portal. Our engineer visits the site and replaces the hardware according to the service-level agreement (SLA).
This type of support covers hardware replacement with proactive health check and software upgrade, all that done to the level agreed by the service-level agreement (SLA).
This type of support covers activities like hardware replacement, as well as proactive health check and operational support. All of these activities are carried out by an outsourced resident engineer. The support can be technology specific or expertise level specific.

Benefits of outsourced IT support service

Outsourced IT support service enables you to:

Spend less time on non-core functions and to focus on managing more strategic initiatives

Reduce costs for your own IT support team

Get specific help relating to your issues

Quickly implement latest technologies

Get additional value in the form of additional services and specialist advice

IT support specific to your business requirements

Our services professionals support an extensive list of technologies from the leading networking hardware and software providers.

Highly-skilled engineers ensure that network support needs are met and that you receive the best possible network infrastructure support.

Our annual maintenance support services help you increase operational efficiency and lower operating cost by outsourcing our support services and skilled technical support engineers. With these services, you can effectively manage risks, plan for equipment upgrades, comply with your corporate policies, streamline contract management and access support resources faster.

Our support portal provides our customers with easy access to raise tickets with us.

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